Information and Fees

There is no need to obtain a referral from your doctor for either ACC or private treatments. We have ACC forms available for you to complete, so save yourself time and money and come and see us direct.  If you are unsure or have any queries, please get in contact – we’re here to help.

ACC Claims

How does ACC work?

If your condition is the result of an accident and you can describe the time, the place and the cause of the injury, we will give you an ACC claim form to complete.  If the claim is approved by ACC, it will subsidise the costs of your physiotherapy treatments and you will just pay a surcharge. See How much do I pay? for a list of our ACC surcharges.

Private Consultations

If your condition is not the result of an accident, but perhaps due to gradual wear and tear, arthritis, or is a condition you were born with, you will not be covered by ACC and will be charged a private consultation fee. See How much do I pay? for a list of our private consultation charges.

How much do I pay?

ACC approved claims
Initial consultation surcharge$30$25
Followup consulation surcharge$20$15
Private consultations (not ACC)$70$55

At Shirley – St Albans Physio Clinic our surcharges and private fees are competitive with other clinics.  If there are financial barriers to seeking treatment, call us and we can discuss this on an individual basis. Or alternatively, assistance may be available (ie. contact WINZ )

Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance, you may be able to claim back part, or all, of your treatment costs. Please contact your insurance company to find out what your policy covers.  Should you require a receipt please ask our receptionists at the end of your treatments.

Please note we accept Cash and Eftpos payments only,  unfortunately we don’t accept credit card payments.